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EAT Farmed Organic Seaweed!

The MSE has launched a new initiative: EAT FOS (Eat Farmed Organic Seaweed).

As demand for seaweed products increases so has pressure on our wild seaweed beds. Kelp forests are disappearing at a rapid rate and wild harvesting seaweeds is accelerating this loss. Seaweed beds are a foundational component of our marine ecosystem and the loss of these beds has a tremendous impact on our oceans and the marine food chain.

It is imperative we make the shift to farmed seaweeds, especially organic farmed seaweeds.

The key reasons to EAT FOS are:

Farmed seaweed is sustainable and regenerative. It cleans our oceans, remediates carbon and nitrogen fighting global warming and ocean acidification, and leaves our endangered wild seaweed beds and habitat undisturbed. It also supports local marine communities.

Organic seaweed is traceable from seed to plate and assures your seaweed was grown in pristine waters. Many non-organic seaweed farms are located in waters closed to shellfish farming and other aquaculture due to known contaminants and pathogens. Organically certified farmed seaweeds are required to be grown in areas free of contamination. USDA Organic certification assures your seaweed is the best available.

Seaweed, considered a superfood, provides amazing nutritional and health benefits when eaten in moderation. Researchers recommend roughly 5-10 grams of seaweed per day to obtain the majority of benefits seaweed offers. Avoid eating large servings of seaweed as it is so nutrient dense you may ingest too much of a good thing, such as iodine.

Eating farmed organic seaweed assures that you are getting the best seaweed for you and the planet! Make the right choice - buy farmed organic seaweed!

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