• Conference & Fair

    The Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference & Fair will be held on July 27-28, 2018 in Rockland, ME. Enjoy a full day of seaweed farming know-how followed by a joyous celebration of all things seaweed. The fair is free and open to the public. Register here for the Conference.

    New Seaweed Farmer Program!

    Be a seaweed farmer for only $2,750! The MSE through Springtide Seaweed is offering a "New Seaweed Farmer Kit" for new Maine growers. It includes all gear, instruction, seed, and assistance in site selection and preparing your LPA license application. Includes discount registration for the Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference and the opportunity to sell your seaweed through the MSE. It's time to grow some seaweed!

    Seaweed Trail!

    Welcome to the Seaweed Trail! The MSE has organized restaurants, shops, and events to highlight our seaweed culture. Take a look and support our fellow fans of seaweed!

  • The only aquaculture seaweed exchange in North America

    Maine Seaweed Exchange

  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to connect buyers and sellers of organic aquacultured seaweeds.

    Maine Seaweed Exchange

    Mission: Organic, Sustainable, and Restorative


    The Maine Seaweed Exchange was created to:

    • Define a commodity specification for kelp, alaria, dulse, skinny kelp, and other food seaweed species;
    • Provide an exchange based marketplace for buyers and sellers of seaweed;
    • Assist in coordinating processing and packaging services for its members and others;
    • Act as a broker dealer for seaweed and seaweed products; 
    • Assist in developing seaweed products and distribution channels;
    • Identify and develop branding/marketing opportunities, including differentiating certifications such as USDA organic; and
    • Create and support innovation in the aquaculture seaweed industry.

    All seaweed is fully traceable to the farm of origin. Seaweed is available fresh and dried. Contact us for more information.

    Join US!

    Participating in the exchange is easy!


    Participation in the exchange is simple. There are two levels of participation:

    1. Sustaining Member. As a sustaining member, you agree to sell all your seaweed (with some permitted exceptions) through the exchange. This permits your crop to be combined with other farmers' crops and increases marketplace efficiencies. Sustaining members have a full vote in how the exchange does business and participate in exchange revenue sharing programs. Sustaining members also have access to exchange partner services and programs at a reduced rate.
    2. Contract Member. Contact members agree to buy or sell through the exchange on a limited or occasional basis. Contract members have access to the exchange's network of supporting partners and enjoy the benefits of an exchange backed transaction.​​​

    Contact us for more information and to apply.

  • Who We Are

    Founded by Springtide Seaweed, LLC, and other leading farmed seaweed companies in Maine.

    Springtide Seaweed, LLC

    Sea by Leaf - Grown in Maine

    Springtide Seaweed was founded by Sarah Redmond, an innovator, and evangelist for farmed sea vegetables. Springtide offers educational programs, nursery seed, harvesting support, as well as processing and packaging services to the exchange's member farmers.

    Maine Sea Farms, LLC


    Discover the extraordinary opportunities of Maine seaweed.


    Maine Fresh Sea Farms has a vision to provide a model for growing sea vegetables in a sustainable way, which can support the natural environment and protect Maine’s working waterfronts and marine-based economy.

  • News & Initiatives

    MSE Initiatives

    MSE Seaweed Conference & Fair

    July 27-28, 2018

    The Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference is an intensive day of learning and exchange of ideas to support new and existing seaweed farmers in developing best practices and innovation. The Conference will be located at the Strand Theatre in Rockland Maine on July 27, 2018, with an optional on water training session at the Herring Gut Learning Center on Sunday, July 29, 2018. The Maine Seaweed Fair is an exciting day of celebrating all things seaweed. It will be held at the Snow Marine Park in Rockland Maine on July 28, 2018.

    MSE Certification - Apply Now

    MSE Certified Products Add Value

    Obtaining MSE Certification entitles you to use the MSE Approved label on your products and provides assurance to consumers that your products meet the highest standards. Learn More.

    Advocacy Work Groups

    MSE is taking the lead in seaweed aquaculture advocacy.

    MSE is actively forming workgroups to address the issues that affect the farmed seaweed industry, such as the using of non-local seaweed seed. Contact us for more information.

    Seaweed Farmer Certification

    MSE has partnered with the Herring Gut Learning Center to Offer a Seaweed Farmer Certification Program.

    An MSE Seaweed Farmer Certification tells the world that you are a professional with expertise in sustainable aquaculture, food safety, and you have what it takes to grow the finest seaweed in the world!

    Learn More.

  • MSE Offers

    Contact us to learn more about these offers to buy or sell seaweed through the MSE.

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