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    MSE Research Report: Learn How Urchins Can Be Integrated Into Seaweed and Oyster Farms

  • Seaweed Hobby Farms: Benefits and Risks


    9:30 am - 4:30 pm (ET)

    Saturday April 29, 2023 (New Date)

    Cost: $225

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    A timely course on the risks and benefits of hobby seaweed farms. This course will explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of operating a small seaweed farm (less than $100,000 in revenue or 5 acres). This is a must attend course for anyone starting out in seaweed farming or is currently farming and struggling with a path to profitability.

  • What We Do

    The Maine Seaweed Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the success of seaweed professionals of any experience level. We provide education, advocacy, and access to a network of thoughtful and dedicated members from around the world.

  • Education

    Farmer Certification

    An MSE Seaweed Farmer Certification tells the world that you are a professional with expertise in sustainable aquaculture, food safety, and you have what it takes to grow the finest seaweed in the world. Professionals recognize the value of rigorous and comprehensive training. The MSE Seaweed Farmer Certification Program was developed in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Being an MSE Certified Seaweed Farmer brings the recognition that you are professional-grade and committed to best practices in seaweed aquaculture and food safety, as well as possessing a robust understanding of the business of seaweed farming. Click here to learn more.

    Educational Programs

    The Maine Seaweed Exchange offers a variety of courses, seminars, and workshops for beginners and experts. These programs offer in depth information on all things seaweed including farming, business, investing and more. Check out our calendar or contact us for more information.


    Learn From Others

    Get to know others in the seaweed community though the MSE Facebook group. This group provides the opportunity to network, share experiences and resources, and access the expertise our members have garnered from years of experience. A great place to learn more about seaweed and aquaculture!

  • Advocacy


    EAT-FOS (Eat Farmed Organic Seaweed)


    As demand for seaweed products increases so has pressure on our wild seaweed beds. Kelp forests are disappearing at a rapid rate and wild harvesting seaweeds is accelerating this loss. Seaweed beds are a foundational component of our marine ecosystem and the loss of these beds has a tremendous impact on our oceans and the marine food chain.

    It is imperative we make the shift to farmed seaweeds, especially organic farmed seaweeds.


    The key reasons to EAT FOS are:

    Farmed seaweed is sustainable and regenerative. It cleans our oceans, remediates carbon and nitrogen fighting global warming and ocean acidification, and leaves our endangered wild seaweed beds and habitat undisturbed. It also supports local marine communities.

    Organic seaweed is traceable from seed to plate and assures your seaweed was grown in pristine waters. Many non-organic seaweed farms are located in waters closed to shellfish farming and other aquaculture due to known contaminants and pathogens. Organically certified farmed seaweeds are required to be grown in areas free of contamination. USDA Organic certification assures your seaweed is the best available.

    Seaweed, considered a superfood, provides amazing nutritional and health benefits when eaten in moderation. Researchers recommend roughly 5-10 grams of seaweed per day to obtain the majority of benefits seaweed offers. Avoid eating large servings of seaweed as it is so nutrient dense you may ingest too much of a good thing, such as iodine.


    Eating farmed organic seaweed assures that you are getting the best seaweed for you and the planet! Make the right choice - buy farmed organic seaweed!


    Food Safety

    The MSE is actively developing food safety standards for seaweed aquaculture, processing, and products. We also host food safety training programs and have extensive food safety resource materials available to our members.


    Aquaculture Regulation
    The future of our industry relies on a coherent and cogent regulatory rubric. The MSE is advocating for common sense regulations that benefit our members, our industry, our communities, and our planet.

  • Industry Support

    Industry Support

    Kelp Collaborative
    The Kelp Collaborative is a Maine Seaweed Exchange Program designed to encourage the development of an organic network of seaweed farmers and processors. Through training, support, and market opportunities we seek to develop a high quality, high-value seaweed aquaculture industry based on shared values, collaboration, and passion for our work.


    Program Highlights:

    The Kelp Collaborative is focused on creating a network of organically certified seaweed farms, drying facilities and processors to scale the industry in a community-based, collaborative way.

    The Kelp Collaborative is open to new or existing seaweed farmers and anyone with an interest in drying or processing seaweed for additional income. MSE will assist farmers, dryers, and processors with required certifications, training, and facilitation services.

    Kelp Collaborative members run their own independent businesses but work together as a larger industry. Members may list offers to buy, sell, distribute, or process farmed seaweed, or offer seaweed related services. Organic certification, shared standards, and shared infrastructure will allow members to work together to grow, dry, process, and sell high quality, high-value seaweeds.

    New Kelp Collaborative members are eligible to paired with a guaranteed a buyer for their seaweed at prices up to $15 per pound!

    Learn more about the Kelp Collaborative here.

    Maine Seaweed Fair

    The Maine Seaweed Fair celebrates all things seaweed! At the fair we share, celebrate, and explore all the ways seaweeds can better us and the environment. There are art and educational presentations, vendors, foods, activities, and demonstrations.


    Covid-19 Update: Due to concerns about the health of fair participants and attendees, the 2021 Maine Seaweed Fair has been postponed indefinitely. Stay tuned for updates on a new date for the fair.


    Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference
    The Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference is a full day of seaweed farming know-how from industry experts. It is also a unique networking opportunity to meet fellow farmers, researches, investors, and customers.


    Covid-19 Update: Due to concerns about the health of conference participants and attendees, the 2021 Practical Seaweed Farmer Conference has been postponed indefinitely. We are currently exploring the possibility of a virtual conference. Stay tuned for updates on a new date for the fair.


    MSE is passionate about advancing the future of seaweed and aquaculture and discovering new ways that seaweed can have a positive effect on the environment. In partnership with our members and leading institutions such as MIT, UMass, and USDA, the MSE is working to develop the technologies of the future.

  • Blog

    What's new in seaweed and aquaculture!

    March 9, 2021
    Climate change blamed as huge mounds of rotten seaweed spoil pristine beaches in Mexico.   Check out the full article here: https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/rotting-seaweed-beaches-sargassum-mexico-carribbean-cancun-playa-del-carmen-tulum-a8978756.html
    Seaweed is definitely riding a wave of interest and investment. Some of this attention is justified as seaweed has tremendous potential to transform aquaculture and offers numerous benefits. One such benefit is that seaweed only needs water and light to grow—no fertilizers required. Well,...
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    Our Facebook group offers a unique opportunity to connect with seaweed and aquaculture industry experts, as well as others who just love seaweed.

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    Founding Member

    Founded by Sarah Redmond, Springtide Seaweed, LLC is the only fully integrated organic seaweed company in the United States.

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    Acadia Market, LLC has created the only ERP/CRM B2B/B2C marketplace for seafood and aquaculture producers and processors.

    Aquaculture Technologies

    Springtide Innovations is creating new technologies for the future of aquaculture.

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